Camp Activities
GMA Pin Trading
We will again have a time to trade pins or buttons at retreat on Tuesday afternoon during recreation. Bring pins or buttons from your state. You might also want to bring a towel, scarf, lanyard or notebook for displaying your pins!
Afterglow will be held again this year on Wednesday night after services; this is always a fun time! This will be a night with a lip sync battle, “commercials” and possibly a local/state t-shirt or group dress up competition. If you do not want to compete in the lip sync battle, your group can dress alike in animal print or other camp appropriate clothing for a chance to win this competition. All of these activities will be led by Macy Jordan, National GMA Song Leader. Contact her at The National Officers are asking everyone to wear a white or neon colored shirt to AfterGlow because there will actually be black lights, glow sticks, etc. Glow sticks and bracelets will be available for purchase at the project promotion tables near the silent auction area.
Shining Stars
A special time for all girls in the Maiden through Princess Steps is planned for Wednesday morning of our retreat.
Queens’ Day
Makaye Key and Caitlin Dalrymple are planning an exciting day for Queens on Wednesday. Girls should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Evangelism Table
Mrs. Valarie Fish and Mrs. Carolyn Meade will have Evangelism tips and activities, so we encourage girls and counselors to stop by the table! We will also need ladies to serve as counselors during the invitation times at retreat. There will be a meeting Tuesday night at 6:30 for those who feel led to serve as invitation counselors.
Project Fundraising at Retreat
Silent Auction, Officer Competition, Candy Grams, Grab Bags, and Buttons. Melody Rinehart, 1 st Vice President, has challenged each girl or each GMA group to decorate a cityscape or skyline or superhero themed box and fill it with money! Be creative! Enlist your church to help fill it with loose change for the National Project! These items will be judged at retreat!
Silent Auction
This is one of our most popular project promotions at Retreat! Please bring several items to place in this auction. Enlist your WMA or church members to donate items! Bring special items you think would appeal to either counselors or to girls.
Sunbeam Counselor’s Workshops
Mrs. Sherry Laminack, National Sunbeam Promoter, and Mrs. Shirley Hoffpauir, Asst. Sunbeam Promoter, will conduct workshops for Sunbeam Counselors on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the west room of the Tabernacle.
2019 National GMA Coronation
If your girls want to participate in the Coronation Wednesday night, you must send the form located at the end of the counselor letter found here by May 15 to:
Ms. Addie Bender
2200 Meadowlake Rd. Apt. 1005
Conway, AR 72032(501)514-3158
Miss/Jr. Miss GMA Presentation
State Promoters : Please send your state’s Miss and Jr. Miss GMA participant’s folders as soon as possible or before April 15 to our National GMA Promoter:
Lisa Christian
2315 Bankhead Rd.
Fulton, MS 38843
Forward Step Classes We want to encourage ladies to teach Forward Step classes at Retreat! If you are willing to teach a forward step class this year, please call or send your name and address as soon as possible to:
Paige Henske
31 St. Jude Rd.
Perkinston, MS 39573
“Good Morning, GMA”
The National Officers have planned wake up activities that will begin 15 minutes before regular start time Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Be sure you come to the Tabernacle right after breakfast so you don’t miss the fun! Girls will be able to earn a small prize for participating in events like this at Retreat this year! Look for the “superhero” markers in the program booklet for opportunities starting with the Scavenger Hunt Tuesday afternoon!
Thursday GMA Game Time
“Journey through the Jungle”
During Canteen time on Thursday, girls will want to change into shorts and t-shirts for some outdoor games. We will change the Thursday morning schedule up a little, so check your program booklet closely!
GMA Photo Booth
Fun props will be available for individual or group pictures in the safari jeep photo booth this year! This will be a project promotion so there will be a small cost.
Counselor’s Workshops
These will be held from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. and from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday again this year.