Counselors’ Information

New Camper Fund: We can help!  If you are a new GMA group and would like to attend camp for the first time, we have funds available to help with part of the registration.  Contact Kristin Herring (see contact info below) as soon as possible if you would like more information.  
Mission Trip Fund: If you have a GMA girl that will be making a BMAA affiliated mission trip this year, we still have funds available to help with expenses. Girls should apply as soon as possible! The application is included at the end of the counselor letter. For more information, contact:
Kristin Herring
207 Hidden Valley Loop
Maumelle, AR 72113 
Program Booklets will again be $2.00 this year. The information that is usually in the Counselor’s packet will all be in the program! Counselors may purchase these booklets at the Hospitality Center located by the camp office when you register Tuesday afternoon. Information for Cabin Captains and Cabin Spiritual Leaders will be included in the booklets!
Project Nominations: Please pray about our 2021-22 National GMA Project!  If you have a nomination, please submit it by 1:30 Wednesday afternoon to Mrs. Laurie Hicks.  Each nomination should be signed by a counselor and should include the name of the church and the cabin number.  
Sunbeam Counselor’s Workshops: Mrs. Shirley Hoffpauir, National Sunbeam Promoter, and Sandra Kizer, Asst. Sunbeam Promoter, will conduct workshops for Sunbeam Counselors on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the west room of the Tabernacle.