Camp Rules & Dress Code

The following rules apply to all campers, including adults.

Code of Conduct

  1. The camp does not permit fireworks, firearms, water pistols, balloons, alcoholic drinks, drugs for abuse, or tobacco in any form.
  2. No one is allowed to remain in the cabins during services or class time. Anyone who is sick will be in the hospital during this time.
  3. A counselor must go with any girl who must leave the tabernacle during a service.
  4. The dress codes are important. Please insist that all abide by these codes at all times (see dress code below).
  5. Campers are required to remain in the cabins after lights out.
  6. It is mandatory that a counselor be at the pool with your girls during their swimming session!

Dress Code

  1. Clean, neat pants or knee length shorts may be worn until after supper.
  2. Appropriate shirts should be modest, no tank tops or sleeveless shirts, showing no cleavage, and no inappropriate messages.
  3. Appropriate short length is measured by the girl’s palm width above her knee. Skirt length (including slits) should be knee length. No leggings.
  4. Dresses, dress pants, dress capris, or jeans without holes are to be worn for all night services, unless otherwise announced by the Advisory Council. On Tuesday night, t-shirts and jeans or capris may be worn, but no shorts. (Wear GMA t-shirts: local, district, state, or national.)
  5. Bathing suits are to be modest, one piece suits or a two-piece covered by a non-white t-shirt. A cover-up for bathing suits is to be worn when going to and from the pool. Not just a towel (a robe or sundress or long t-shirt would be appropriate).
  6. Sundresses may be worn, but t-shirts must be worn under spaghetti strap and sleeveless dresses.