2020 Retreat Update
National GMA Retreat 2020 has been postponed until summer 2021. See the post “National GMA COVID-19 Update” below for further details.
2019-2020 Project Update
If your GMA group has raised funds for the 2019-2020 project, please mail it to the National GMA Treasurer, Kristin Herring (address below). Since retreat will not be held this year, the project won’t receive the additional support that usually comes from fundraising activities at camp. Due to this, we would greatly appreciate your mailed donations! All donations received by August 1st will be applied toward the 2019-2020 project. Thank you!
What about the Officers?
National 2019-2020 Officers will serve through 2020-2021 if they are able and willing, along with some possible support officers. Find more details in the “National GMA COVID-19 Update” post below.
What about Miss GMA & Jr. Miss GMA?
The new Miss GMA and Jr. Miss GMA for 2020-2021 will be interviewed over video call and announced soon. They will serve as officers alongside the current Miss and Jr. Miss GMA.
Still Want a 2020 Retreat T-Shirt?
Some 2020 camp t-shirts were already printed before the decision was made to cancel camp. If you want one of these shirts, contact Mandi Townsend at 501-697-0823. Supply is limited!
Check out “Talk Show Tuesdays”!
Two of our national officers have started a fun and engaging show on the National GMA Facebook page, “GMA-Turning the World Upside Down”. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for a devotional, special guests, and more!
Check this page frequently to get the latest updates from National GMA


National GMA COVID-19 Update

It was a hard decision for the National GMA Advisory Council but a vote was made to cancel the 2020 National GMA Camp.  There are so many uncertainties during this time and felt it was a decision that had to be made.  We know that God has a plan that is bigger than all of this and we are praying for His direction in how to proceed with future plans for the National GMA. 

Since National Camp has been cancelled the GMA Advisory Council has voted to allow all 2019-20 officers that are willing to serve to continue as officers for 2020-2021.  We understand that some girls may not be able to continue to serve and some may have to be appointed to replace these positions.  Therefore, we are asking girls that qualify and feel led to be a national officer for the 2020-2021 year to fill out the officer survey form.  The National GMA Advisory Council will determine if the applicant is qualified to fill needed positions.  Girls may also be chosen to work with some current officers in mentoring situations and some may be selected to work as support officers for the next year. 

The Advisory Council voted to keep the same theme and project for 2020-2021.

Groups that have raised money for the project this year are asked to go ahead and send it in to Kristen Herring (207 Hidden Valley Loop, Maumelle AR, 72113) by August 1, 2020.  Bro. Freeman is in need of funds to get started on the project. Next year’s project money will be due August 1, 2021. Awards will not be given for project money sent this year but will be given in combination with money sent next year. 

There are some T-shirts that were already printed for camp available in a limited supply; if anyone is interested contact Mandy Townsend @ 501-697-0823.

The Advisory Council is recommending that the National GMA give Daniel Springs a love offering of $5000 to help alleviate some of the financial burdens due to camps being cancelled because of Covid 19.  The Council is asking for each church to cast a vote of approval for the love offering on the Google Docs Vote being disseminated by State and District Promoters. 
-Laurie Hicks