National GMA Project

COVID-19 Update

If your GMA group has raised funds for the 2019-2020 project, please mail it to the National GMA Treasurer, Kristin Herring (address below). Since retreat will not be held this year, the project won’t receive the additional support that usually comes from fundraising activities at camp. Due to this, we would greatly appreciate your mailed donations! All donations received by August 1st will be applied toward the 2019-2020 project. Thank you!
Project for 2019-2020
95% Freeman BMA Philippines building remodeling
5% GMA General Fund
Project Goal
Project Fundraising
Please send project money by May 15 to our National GMA Treasurer:
Kristin Herring
207 Hidden Valley Loop
Maumelle, AR 72113
Project Fundraising at Retreat
Silent Auction, Officer Competition, Candy Grams, Grab Bags, and Buttons.
Project Nominations
Please pray about our 2020-2021 National GMA Project! If you have a nomination, please submit it by 1:30 Wednesday afternoon of camp to Mrs. Laurie Hicks. Each nomination should be signed by a counselor and should include the name of the church and the cabin number.
GMA Project “Special Prize”
The National GMA Officers would like to recognize girls who go above and beyond to raise money for the National project this year, so if you have individual girls in your GMA group who work very hard to raise a significant amount of money for the project, please let us know!